Guess who’s back?

It’s me! Remember when I said that I wouldn’t promise to post often? Seems that I’m holding true to that.

Life is moving pretty quickly. I’m working full time at a job that I love, and I’m in two intensive online courses right now, one on social innovation and one on law & development. I take after my mother in that I like to be busy. Running around all day from one place to the next, grabbing a quick coffee in between, crashing at midnight and doing it all over again the next day. This has been my life, more or less, since I published my last post. I was thriving on it for awhile. But as I’m coming to realize, my body isn’t loving this whirlwind routine as much as my mind might be.

If you’ve found yourself relating to anything that I’ve said up until this point, then you also know how difficult it can be to make an effort to take time for yourself. (Sidenote: if I can barely do it, how do mothers with kids do it? Damn). In the past, when my self care was seriously slacking, it was usually because I had some negative distractions in my life that were causing me to neglect myself. Negative people, bad habits, or too much stress came before my self care. I think that’s why it took me almost a month to recognize that the same thing was happening again. But this time it surprised me, because all of the distractions in my life are positive and were supposed to help me grow. But as I’m coming to realize, the growth that I think is happening will never last if I don’t look after myself first.

I came to this realization one night when I was lying in bed sick (who gets sick in June? Answer: someone whose body is wearing down). Since then, I’ve been making little efforts to boost my self care up to where it should be. I began to read again (for enjoyment? Not school? Who knew!), I tried to make more of an effort to connect with people back home, I wrote a letter to someone important, and I decided that I want to start meditating every day. I’m still working on the meditation part, but my therapist has given me some advice on how to start and I’m looking forward to making that a part of my routine.  I have a meal plan with my housemate and soul sister, Hannah, where we pick recipes that we take turns making for dinner every night. They’re all vegan, plant-based and delicious, and through this I’ve slowly started to give my body the fuel that it needs to keep moving forward.

I guess what I’m trying to do with this post is give you, my lovely reader, a faint idea of where I’ve been the past month or so while I’ve been MIA. I promise I haven’t forgotten about you, or about this little project of mine. I’ve been learning for the better part of two years now how to manage my time and place focus on the important things, and that’s something that I still have to work on. This project is part of my self care, which means that I need to pay more attention to this too.

If anyone else is feeling erratic, run-down, or just guilty due to neglected self care, I hope you’re able to use this as an example of how to begin fixing that. I would recommend listening to music, something that has always kept me calm and centre, or reading. I’m going to try to attach a copy of my favourite short story to this post. I don’t really know why I love it so much, but reading it always makes me feel calm and slightly retrospective (in a good way). I hope it does the same for you. The author is from Nova Scotia, and his writing is beautiful. You can find the link to the story by clicking here: The Boat.

So, that’s a little summary of where I’m at right now. I have another post in the works right now, and it’s a bit of a heavier one. So stay tuned, it’ll be coming soon. Until then, thanks for reading, and thanks for your patience. Let’s not go for this long without talking again, okay?



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